Worshipful Maylands

Within our small suburb of Maylands, groups of people have long gathered in places reserved for reflection and
worship. Some groups have been here since the Hardey family arrived in 1830, others are relative newcomers.
This exhibition attempts to celebrate each and every one of these groups and to record their presence in the here and now. Each one, new and old, has become part of the history of Maylands.

Listed below are the Churches that we have included in this walk.  You can read a detailed description on the history of each Church by clicking on the individual names below.

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The original church opened in 1906 by the Lieut. Governor, Sir Edward Stone is now the Church Hall. Its replacement was the red brick church we now see. This was opened and blessed by the Archbishop of Perth, Henry Frewen le Fanu on Palm Sunday, 1934. It is now into its 84th year of service.

The modern St Luke’s congregation is active in the community. The original church building now operates as an ‘Op Shop’ on Friday and Saturday mornings. ‘Rainbow’ lunches for the disadvantaged, the lonely and
the forgotten are held there fortnightly.

This Church was created following the unification of several local Christian churches in 1976. This unification process involved the congregations of the Forrest Park Methodist Church, the Maylands Methodist Church and
the Maylands Presbyterian Church.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to unification and inclusion, this Church building also hosts the St George Indian Orthodox Church and the Korean Immanuel Church.

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